Spirit Of The Downs

Spirit of the Downs Pinot Artisan Spirit

This was our first release of the 2019 vintage using the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes to create a smooth spirit that can be enjoyed on its own with a cube of ice or with soda water and frozen grapes. On winning bronze at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge (IWSC) the judges said “Elegant & restrained nose. Subtly aromatic with fruit and spice. Balanced, clean palate.”

Spirit Of The Downs

Spirit of the Downs French Oak Brandy

Sussex Brandy with French Oak When I first founded Spirit of the Downs my hope was to create a small batch Sussex brandy for customers to enjoy a local handmade brandy at the end of their dinner rather than a traditional Cognac, Armagnac or Calvados. This 100% grape based brandy has been created with a combination of oaks to provide a “VS” style brandy. The grapes help create a more intense English brandy with plenty of fruit with flavours of sweet caramel, Crème Brule, Raisins and balanced oak with smokiness and long finish.

Spirit Of The Downs

Spirit of the Downs English Oak Brandy

Sussex Brandy with English Oak After investigating the different types of oak and barrels available we realised that English Oak This Sussex brandy benefits with eight months of aging on the Chardonnay grape and traditional aging in casks made by the UK’s last Master Cooper Alastair Simms based in Yorkshire. The grapes create a young, fruit led English brandy with subtle floral notes of elderflower and honeysuckle. The brandy is well balanced and has a lovely sweetness with flavours of toasted brioche and a long subtle finish.


After the Pinot Noir grape spirit winning Bronze, the International Wine and Spirit Challenge (IWSC) 2020 judges commented with the following regarding the spirit; “Elegant & restrained nose. Subtly aromatic with fruit and spice. Balanced, clean palate.”

IWSC Bronze Award
About Spirit of the Downs
Spirit of the Downs is a small batch artisan spirit producer based in the county of East Sussex, in the South East of England, which is now producing some of the world’s finest sparkling wines. In Sussex we are surrounded by a patchwork of award winning English wine producers create some of the world’s finest sparkling and still wines, in and around the beautiful South Downs National Park. Spirit of the Downs is a sustainable product using pressed grapes from sparkling wine production in its creation. We produce a wide range of unique vintage premium spirits that are perfect on their own or with a premium tonic or soda water, or as a base or to add complexity to cocktails. These spirit are handmade using traditional production methods with a combination of both indigenous wild and champagne yeasts. We ensure that all of our spirits benefit from long maturation during fermentation, this ensures a great depth of flavour and character for all of our vintage spirits. Each year provides new variations of our spirits based upon the use of different grape varietals, season conditions and the individual terroir of each vineyard. After distillation, the pomace from Spirit of the Downs doesn’t go to waste and is used to help fertilise the apple orchard at Trenchmore Farm in Sussex.

Tasting Profile
Originally launched in December 2018, the spirit has been well received by retail and the trade alike. The Spirit provides the essence of the grape on the nose together with stone fruits, including hints of plum and apricot coming through on the palate. The spirit is ideal for sipping neat on its own with an ice cube, with a soda water and fruit garnish as a low calorie high ball or as part of a spritz cocktail with angostura bitters.

Testimonials and serving suggestions
Our Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Spirit is ideal for sipping neat on it’s own over ice or a perfect partner with English Vermouth and Soda Water, as a refreshing aperitif for any season season. Alternatively combine it with your classic tonic as a refreshing cocktail. Try making your own cocktails from our master cocktail makers step by step guide by Myles Cunliffe

From initial professional tastings we have had extremely positive feedback from respected drinks industry professionals regarding our Pinor Noir and Pinot Meunier Spirit and now our new brandies.
Myles Cunliffe, Head of Mixologist group who trains the next generation of cocktail makers across the UK loves our Spirit; “It is great to be utilising product that would otherwise go to waste. This spirit adds versatility to your normal offering with added benefit of use a local sourced product.”

Future releases for 2021
Spirit of the Downs will be releasing 8 new varietals of its Spirits over the course of 2021 which will include our award winning Pinot Noir spirit, a more intense Sussex brandy aged in English oak and a Spirit which is made from all of the Champagne variety grapes, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Seyval Blanc as well as a new variety of English vodka.

General enquiries, On/off-trade and export enquiries
Please contact Michael Yeoman for all enquiries including trade and export. We are looking for wine merchants, restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars to stock our range of premium spirits.
Michael Yeoman – michael@spiritofthedowns.co.uk or mobile +447773766225

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